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Hansome gas lanterns provide charm and mood to this small residential patio area.Have you ever wondered about installing gas lanterns at your home?  Have you ever admired or been mesmerized by the gentle flicker of a dancing flame created by a gas lantern light? 

New Orleans Gas Outdoor Lanterns are a perfect way to add elegance, charm and warmth to your front door, patio or front entrance. 


Gas lanterns or gas devices as they were called back in the late 1900’s was the earliest form of modern street lighting.  One of Europe’s greatest displays of gas street lighting took place in 1866 when Queen Victoria unveiled the famous statue of Prince Albert in Queen Square in Wolver Hampton.  Thousands joined in the town square that evening to see the queen and marvel at the illuminated brilliance of the town square from gas lantern lights.  These first gas lanterns we fabricated by Ready & Son and eventually displayed at the Wolver Hampton industrial exhibition of 1869 and again in 1902.  Early gas lanterns were constructed of sheet metal and tin and assembled using a soldiered lead technique developed first in the automotive industry.  That same soldering technique for assembling outdoor gas lanterns still is the preferred method today.

Over the years scores of people learned the art form of lead soldering and sheet metal fabrication. Eventually, more expensive metals, such as copper, were introduced and have become the standard for today’s gas lanterns.  Copper was first used by man over 10,000 years ago. We're in no danger of running out of copper.  Known worldwide resources of this important and valuable metal are estimated at nearly 5.8 trillion pounds of which only about 0.7 trillion (12%) have been mined throughout history.

New Orleans style gas lanterns from Residential Landscape Lighting 7 Design.A copper pendant discovered in what is now northern Iraq has been dated about 8700 B.C.  Copper is a wonder metals that ages and patinas beautifully creating old world charm for a decorative gas lantern. Several significant improvements increased the brilliance and efficiency of the gas light.   Early craftsman pinched the end of the gas tube to a fan shape, mixing air with the gas before the point at which it was lit.   Another improvement  involved surrounding the flame with a mantle of metallic oxide cloth until it glowed brighter than the flame were all important innovations in the quest for more light.

Fabricating gas outdoor lanterns is an art form that has been passed down from generation to generation.  One of the most famous craftsmen of gas lanterns is Andrew Bevolo, Sr. who set the standard for gas lanterns in New Orleans and around the country.  Mr. Bevolo’s gas lanterns are installed at some of the most prominent homes and businesses worldwide including the famous French Quarter in Louisiana.  Mr. Bevolo is not the only manufacturer of gas lights; in fact many companies produce quality hand made outdoor copper gas light fixtures.

New Orleans Gas Outdoor Lanterns is one of those other companies who manufacture quality gas lanterns that will proudly represent your impeccable vision for elegance, timeliness and style.  Influenced by famous New Orleans homes, or lantern collection is designed to achieve the Old World look with a twist of French country inspiration.

New Orleans Gas Outdoor Lanterns are crafted of the finest materials, giving you affordable, elegant and functional design. Each lantern is welded and riveted at the factory to insure stability as well as durability.  Made of solid copper and finished with a bronze patina surface, their enduring quality can withstand any environment. 

New Orleans Gas Outdoor Lanterns has earned the coveted CSA certification seal of approval.  They can also be converted to electric copper lanterns to match or replace existing gas lanterns.

New Orleans Gas Outdoor Lanterns will assuredly be the final touch to illuminate your home's charm!

New Orleans Gas Outdoor Lanterns copper gas lanterns mounted outside the home are both decorative and functional in design. They provide excellent accent and ambient lighting for visitors who need to safely reach your door.   Gas lanterns give a sense of “Welcome” to guests and friends when they are used to flank the front entrance of a home.


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