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LED Parking Lot LIghting FixturesThe purchase of any form of area lighting equipment represents a major investment of funds. Technology has to perform in accordance to user expectations, and it has to last for a predictable period of time to justify its purchase cost. When viewed from this perspective, it is always wise to consider long-term benefit as the best course of recovering a return on investment. LED parking lot lighting offers the best possible return when we balance the cost of front-end procurement against the factors of reduced operating costs, minimal repair costs, and negligible, if any, unexpected replacement costs.
Obviously, to make such bold claims to their clients, electrical contractors must be able to clearly express the facts of each advantage this outdoor lights offer over metal halide. Otherwise, the higher purchase costs will no doubt intimidate organizations who are considering the benefits of LED parking lot lights, but skeptical as to whether or not the higher price points are truly sound investments in light of our current state of economic affairs. 
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 Let us encourage you to reassure your clients that making such a bold move with their money positions them to enjoy predictable, reliable performance for the next 14 years. Features such as minimized heat, consistent lumens output, aluminum cast housings and sealed acrylic lenses, and fusion heat bonding enable these fixtures to endure the harshest of elements without losing their edge in performance. Even unexpected maintenance costs, which infrequent, if not exceptional, are much lower than they are for other types of parking lot lights because LED arrays and drivers can be replaced without tools.
The actual results produced by LED parking lot lights are no less exceptional. Minimal light pollution is achieved through advanced fixture designs that distribute light only in places where it needs to shine. Automatic, built-in lighting controls contribute to this pragmatic minimalism even further. The automatic midnight dimming feature reduces light output by 50 percent in low traffic areas. This is enough to maintain essential security lighting, but much softer in terms of intensity.
Even better, rlld.net has a team of photometric design specialists on staff who can work directly with LED parking lot lighting equipment manufacturers to create custom solutions for challenging outdoor lighting situations. Combine this with the attractive fixture arrays, plus the many ways that fixtures can be mounted on commercial lighting poles, and there is no street, no parking lot, no outdoor courtyard that you cannot accommodate with these lights. 
Additional cost savings can also be generated by retrofitting many of the newer LED fixtures to existing light poles and mounts. This may represent the tipping point that moves a reluctant client on a fixed budget over to your side of the bidding table at the end of the day. 
It also goes without saying that a 50 to 73 percent reduction in power costs can be expected by your clients if they move forward with their investment in LED parking lot lighting. Individual LEDs use less than 1/10 of a watt, yet they can produce amazing photometric beam patterns thanks to wing panel assemblies that can be field adjusted for precision performance.
At the end of the day, you have a system that operates for less and produces far more than many ever expected this rapidly evolving technology to ever be able to produce. Call us today to get started in the design process so you can be ready to put the best bid on the table. 
What Can Commercial Lighting Contractors Expect From LED Parking Lot Lighting?
You can tell your clients that they can count on obtaining maximum power savings by investing LED parking lot lights. On the average, they save organizations approximately 50 to 73 percent on electrical usage costs. This is because each LED uses only 1/10 watts. After midnight, automatic dimmers can lower the light levels by 50 percent in areas where traffic is predictably lower. This maintains basic security lighting in empty parking lots and around office building centers. However, it uses only the bare minimum of power to accomplish this task. Consider how much money that adds up to, month after month, for the 14 year lifespan of the luminaires.  
Your clients will also save money on replacement costs due to the superior design of LED parking lot lighting fixtures. At the very end of their life cycle, lumens output depreciates no more than 30 percent. This makes them not only super efficient, but consistent throughout the term of their performance. If LED drivers need to be replaced at any time, they can be installed without tools. This usually results in lower labor costs. 
For clients on a fixed budget, proposing retrofit LED parking lot lights can often make the difference between buying or not buying LED lights to begin with. When you consider how much money you can save your clients simply by using their existing poles and fixtures, but also upgrading them to more energy efficient, and longer lasting, LED commercial lighting fixtures, you can often generate a savings return on investment at a price point that is actually lower than the maximum available budget they can afford to invest. 
Residential Landscape Lighting and Design can help you configure a retrofit LED parking lot light system using our advanced photometric design tools. We can actually render potential outcomes of installations in 3D models that your clients can see for themselves. This ability to predict results before investment is made is even more assurance you can pass on to your clients that they are indeed doing the right thing for themselves. 
Finally, in terms of performance, you cannot question the aesthetics of new LED parking lot lighting systems, nor can you dispute the sophisticated photometrics they are able to create around retail centers, factories, schools, and city streets. Not only are fixtures attractive in their own right, but they also can be field adjusted to specific foot candle ratios and specific light pattern placements. 
Call our design team today to get started in developing your next lighting project bid. 
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