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Electrical contractors are charged with the task of taking care of the outside of the building as much as the inside. You already know this if you have worked for any amount of time in this industry. The factors of safety, security, and environmental consciousness must all be balanced to develop a truly robust proposal that proactively addresses the true needs of factories, warehouses, and plants. This new generation of LED industrial lighting empowers you with the ability to meet all the needs of your clients with a commercial outdoor lighting system that will deliver maximum long-term return on investment. 
Residential Landscape Lighting and Design offers electrical contractors full access to every type of LED exterior lighting fixture. Our staff further assists clients by providing photometric design services that predict the results of proposed configurations with advanced 3D models of system performance. All equipment is made in the U.S.A. and is fully warranted by the world’s top manufacturers.
This is the best way to not only accommodate your client’s expectations, but to also help them recession proof themselves with the most reliable, unique, efficient, and durable commercial lighting technology ever developed. 
As it is with every other form of commercial lighting design, LED industrial lighting must be approached from an application-oriented perspective. While individual fixture performance is certainly a major component of the system as a whole, the effectiveness of this performance must be consciously directed toward the operational needs of the business in addition to the physical dimensions of its external environment. This will, inevitably, require some creativity when circumstances call for the adaptation of specific fixture types to unique and/or challenging area lighting demands.
For example, perimeter security lighting is one of the highest priorities when lighting the campus of a major industrial facility. Flood lights have been typically used for this purpose because they excel at establishing a luminous boundary that defines the entire property. As LED industrial lighting fixtures have evolved over the past few years, it is now possible to replace fluorescent flood lights and halogen floor lights with LED. With a 50 to 70 percent reduction in power consumption, and with a completely non-toxic lamp design, factories can take a major step toward branding themselves as green corporate entities. This new image, combined with the savings generated by better lights that last for over a decade, can only help the recession proofing of operational budgets.
In addition to perimeter lighting, the many demands of parking lot lighting have to also be taken as a major component of facility security, campus aesthetic, and personal safety of those coming to the location at night. LED industrial lighting here must be impeccably controlled to create the necessary foot candle density specific to facility lighting needs that are more often than not highly complex and highly individualized to the campus itself. LED parking lot lights sold by rlld.net have demonstrated remarkable adaptability to every environment where they have been installed. The ability to make precise field adjustments, endure the harshest conditions of weather, automatically dim the light when luminance requirements are not as demanding after midnight, and the ability to control light pollution like never before all demonstrate the clear superiority of this new generation of outdoor commercial lights.
Contractors who are illuminating buildings themselves require a conscious game plan focused on creating layers of luminance around the building combined with aesthetic LED exterior lighting and LED sign lighting. Feature lighting of this magnitude is best accomplished by matching equipment to need with the assistance of a proactive design team dedicated to lighting the facility as a unique structure in its own right. Cost effectiveness is its own payback when more can be done with less electricity. Reducing the carbon footprint of the facility helps the organization answer with action to the increasing demands of environmental consciousness.
Finally, rlld.net will fully accommodate all LED industrial lighting needs on an even more cost effective level by combining superior lighting design with advanced LED retrofit fixtures that can be installed in existing mounts and placed atop existing poles. Many lamps can also be retrofitted to a variety of outdoor lighting and commercial lighting outdoor fixture types. By recycling much of the existing equipment, front-end costs can be lowered and long term return on investment can be magnified even more. 
Call Residential Landscape Lighting and Design now to explore new options in LED industrial lighting technology, configuration, customization, and turnkey installation in select areas.
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