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LED Track lighting kits from RLLD.LED track lighting is the newest lighting product on the market and the demand for it is on the rise.  At Residential Landscape Lighting & Design we have explored this new technology and have tapped the market in order to provide you the best LED track lighting systems available, at a reasonable price! If versatility, style, and energy efficiency are priorities for your next lighting project, then LED track lighting may be a perfect match for you.

Our LED track lighting kits feature the following:

Why go LED?

Get everything you need, all at once!

All the headaches and worries over missing components, parts, and accessories have been eliminated.  The LED track lighting kits we offer will make redesigning the interior lighting of your home, office, art gallery, bar, restaurant, or whatever environment you have, quick and easy.

We currently have two led track lighting kits to choose from:

Each low voltage LED track lighting kit includes everything you need to build and install your very own LED track lighting system.  With the variable spot-light design features and track options that come with our LED track lighting kits, your creativity and lighting concepts are limitless.  With a bit of thought and ingenuity, LED track lighting can be used to accentuate any room’s ambience and décor.  In conjunction with the supplied remote control that comes with many of our LED track lighting systems, you can program the lights to change on their own or at your whim.  The LED lamps included with many of our LED track lighting kits can also change colors from red, blue, green, and white.  The possibilities are endless!

With all die-cast construction and projector-style fixtures, our LED track lighting kits will maintain their great looks for years to come while consistently delivering the performance you demand from a superior track lighting system.  The inherent versatility of the fixtures and track options can easily be engineered to enhance the décor of any room with panache, style, and beauty.   You can introduce both elegance and design into any retro or contemporary décor motif in the most cost-efficient manner.  In fact, cost-efficiency is one of the most attractive features that LED lights provide over conventional lighting systems.  LEDs are very energy efficient, usually requiring only 10 to 20 percent of the power required by incandescent lamps of similar brightness.  They are also very rugged.  Since there is no filament, LEDs typically last a lot longer than incandescent lamps of similar size and brightness.

If you’ve been curious about LED track lighting systems or have been searching for the best LED track lighting kits on the market, your search is over.  We can provide you with the finest lighting products in the industry with the ease and comfort of shopping from your computer.  Please take a moment to evaluate our entire inventory.  Our residential landscape lighting & design products are in stock and ready to ship to your front door today.  After browsing our on-line catalogue, we invite you to call us toll free at 800-239-2939 to speak with one of our lighting equipment specialists if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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