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Lutron's Grafik Eye is the premier lighting control system for virtually any commercial application. Lutron invented the world's first electronic dimmer in 1961, and has been innovating in lighting control technology ever since. Lutron's Grafik Eye has been used in restaurants, hotel lobbies and ballrooms, museums and even entire office buildings. Lutron's lighting control systems have been used in such exclusive locations as the Westin Hotel in Seattle, or London's Chelsea Harbor.

Benefits of a Commercial Lighting Control System.

No matter what the context, light is an essential component of our everyday lives. The right lighting can make us feel invigorated, focused, relaxed. Poorly chosen light, on the other hand, can make us feel irritable or groggy.

In the context of a business environment, the consequences of improperly chosen light can be very real. Commercial lighting control systems are sought by serious companies that understand the importance of “setting the mood,” quickly and easily, to adapt to the needs of any situation.

Applications of a Commercial Lighting Control System.

Putting 'Control' back into Commercial Lighting Control.

Lutron's Grafik Eye system can be controlled in a seemingly endless number of ways.  We offer you one-touch control of complete lighting environments.  Wall mount master controls replace multiple switches and dimmers with one elegant key pad.  Allowing you to program lighting schemes optimal for various situations, the lighting can be quickly changed from one activity to the next, without guesswork or harsh transitions.  UV remote controls allow you to "change the scene" without leaving your seat.  With additional equipment, you may also adjust lighting through the use of a computer, car remote, or even a telephone!

The experienced professionals at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design are happy to discuss your commercial lighting control project with you.  Whether you have questions about a specific product, or broader concerns about how a lighting control system may be best employed in your commercial project, do not hesitate to contact us.  Light is our business.  We can help you put it to work for yours...

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