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Nothing looks better in your home than quality art lighting.You have to have the right art lighting for every painting, because color does not exist without light. Special rooms are created to allow you to hear every nuance of good music; light provides the same for color. With insufficient or incorrect art lighting, you do not see what the artist was seeing when they painted the work in the studio.

Lighting art allows your favorite paintings to come alive with its true colors, unseen since it left the art gallery, all possible with fine art lighting. A marble statue gleams as if it is illuminated from within because there is no light spillover. Carving art lighting to fit is the best way of illuminating.  From picture lights, art lighting of paintings and portraits, to unobtrusive ceiling spots to optical projectors used in homes and museums, our company stands tall as a pioneering innovator in the use of light as an applied science (please click here to see our Picture Lights products to shine up your fine art collection).

We understand precisely how color, texture, form and shadow can be molded creatively to produce the effect required. Art work lighting can only be accomplished with the correct equipment and with the right art lighting designer. We are an original equipment manufacturer for fine art lighting and an exclusive distributor and installer for some of the finest art lighting products available anywhere in the world.

For art lighting we recommend using the Phantom™ Contour Projector (click here to see our patented Phantom Contour Projector products), which is controlled and precise, and is the perfect accessory for your fine art collection. It truly brings objects of art to life – colors become more vivid and rich, forms more lustrous and distinct. The splendor of your art will dazzle you when you add the artistic illumination provided by the Phantom™ Contour Projector to creatively affect the palette of mood, whether bright and illustrious or subtle and warm.

A Phantom Contour Projector is used to illuminate art over fireplace.This form of art lighting intensifies the magnificence of your art with a contoured light beam that flawlessly embraces the distinct outline of your individual pieces of art. Through the use of its standard or custom designed templates and an unbroken line of direct lighting, the Phantom™ Contour Projector provides luminescence for single, multiple and irregularly shaped art objects.  This art lighting projector is so advanced that it includes a special double convex condensing lens system. With cutting-edge technology, this fine art lighting projector can be used as far as 30 feet away to as close as just a few feet. The richness of your art will illuminate your environment with beauty and splendor. Click here to view a chart comparing contour projector to other projectors on the market today.

Because needs are diverse, the Contour Projector provides options to fit various situations. The five different housing options yield the same result – rich, deep and distinct enhancement to the art of fine lighting. Residential Landscape Lighting & Design is your one stop shop for quality interior or exterior lighting supplies. We look forward to serving you and assisting you with all your lighting needs!

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